Litbreak Magazine, founded in December of 2015 by Jason Chambers and edited by Dennis Haritou, publishes a wide mix of literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. All submissions to Litbreak must be previously unpublished. 

Litbreak is open for submissions year-round but with a limit of fifty unpaid submissions per month. Tip Jar submissions are always allowed. We accept submissions only through Submittable. Recommended word limit is 3,500. A larger word count makes acceptance  unlikely. For poetry submissions, please submit up to five poems and we may either accept or decline them as a group or single out one poem as outstanding. Withdrawals from a poetry submission may result in the decline of the remaining submission.

To enhance literary diversity, all contributing writers can be published on Litbreak only once. Pieces are pubished more or less in random order and we depend on our diverse selection to result in an a interesting mix. Litbreak accepts simultaneous submissions but please let us know if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Please present your submission as a Word doc. We do not accept PDFs. Please use 12 Point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, if possible. Your cover letter should focus on your literary associations or interests. Please be brief. A concise biography with reference to literature and writing would also be helpful. Submissions with cover letters, biographies or formats that do not at least approximate the above guidelines may be summarily declined. 

We will ask for confirmation from the writer if your work is accepted. Submitters must be at least 18 years of age. Writers must submit their work directly. Submission by third parties is not allowed.

If you wish to re-edit your work after submission, then withdraw it and resubmit later if you wish. Submissions that contain multiple parts should remain intact. 

Editorial note: Although Litbreak is an American publication, we retain British Standard English if the source document employs it.

Thanks for keeping our celebration of literary diversity alive with the submission of your work!

Dennis Haritou

Litbreak Magazine


We do not distinguish between free and tip jar submissions in our acceptance process. 

Please send one single file.

Best wishes with your writing!

Stories or excerpts from novels should be about five thousand words but this is not a strict rule. Both flash fiction and extended stories are welcome. For novel excerpts, you might want to include a synopsis that sets up the context of the excerpt, so that the excerpt doesn't have to be a stand alone piece. If adding such an introduction, please keep it brief. It may not be included if the editor thinks it's unnecessary.  

All work submitted must be previously unpublished. 

Poems can be of any length. If some verse lines are exceptionally long, it may necessary to have a line break. But this usually doesn't happen. If we encounter a problem with online formatting we will let you know. We recognize and cherish that the layout of the poem is part of the art. If you wish, you may submit up to 5 poems on one submission.

Litbreak prefers to publish poems in sets, to give a better idea of the poet's range. So if you submit five poems and we accept, we will want them all.

We don't allow the withdrawal of individual poems from a submission. If you wish, you can withdraw the whole submission if poems are accepted elsewhere.

We suggest but don't require Essays, Creative Non Fiction, Film, Music and other Reviews should be from 500 to 1,500 words.
Litbreak Magazine